NON-INVASIVE prenatal paternity tests

Currently 99% of prenatal tests carried out by Myadnlab are of this type.

We can obtain paternity of the fetus with just a blood test from the mother, without any risk to the future mother or the future baby.

Check all the information about this test from this link in our non-invasive prenatal paternity test section.

INVASIVE prenatal paternity tests

The procedure to perform the DNA test is similar to those carried out with paternity tests but differs in how the sample is obtained.

This method differs depending on the mother’s state of pregnancy:

Chorion biopsy: Available from week 11 to 14.

Amniocentesis: Available from week 14 to 24.

All these invasive techniques are currently very safe although they do carry a certain degree of risk that shall be explained at the time of quotation.

We will also indicate the safety and precaution instructions to be taken after the procedure. All procedures are conducted in centres authorised by the Ministry of Health by experienced professionals, thereby ensuring the best conditions during procedures.

With the paternity test results, we will inform you (only if you wish) of the sex of the embryo.

We offer you the possibility of a 24 hour turnaround.

As regards to the sample of the alleged father, with his consent, this can be taken using a buccal swab (saliva) or without his consent using forensic samples.

The results of the test will reveal the biological father of the foetus.

For any query or additional clarification, call us and we will explain the entire process and, if you wish, a personalised quotation adapted to your needs.