Analysis of toxins in urine, blood and / or hair

Continuous exposure to toxins can damage our health. We can analyze any toxins present in your work or daily environment and know if you are exposed to any type of harmful or harmful substance.

Poisoning can be determined using matrices such as urine and / or blood with which we will obtain information on whether there has been an acute and relatively recent ingestion of a toxic. But to know if an individual is really suffering from long-term poisoning and is intoxicated, it is recommended to perform a hair analysis.

As hair grows slowly (1cm / month) and without interruption, it incorporates drugs, heavy metals and all kinds of substances that are circulating in the bloodstream. Then the detection of certain levels of heavy metals or other toxins in the hair is indicative of suffering a chronic poisoning (of months and even years) in the body.

In our laboratory we can detect practically all types of heavy metals *, in addition to pesticides, uranium and bromine in any type of sample, whether biological, such as urine and hair, as in water, vegetables, meats, juices, etc. …

* Among the metals we analyze are Al (aluminum), As (arsenic), B (boron), Ba (barium), Ca (calcium), Cd (cadmium), Co (cobalt), Cr (chromium), Cu ( copper), Fe (iron), Hg (mercury), Mn (manganese), Mo (molybdenum), Na (sodium), Ni (nickel), Pb (lead), Sb (antimony), Se (selenium), Si ( silicon), Sn (tin), Ti (titanium), Tl (thallium) and Zn (zinc).



    Al (aluminum)As (arsenic)B (boron)Ba (barium)Ca (calcium)Cd (cadmium)Co (cobalt)Cr (chromium)Cu ( copper)Fe (iron)Hg (mercury)Mn (manganese)Mo (molybdenum)Na (sodium)Ni (nickel)Pb (lead)Sb (antimony)Se (selenium)Si ( silicon)Sn (tin)Ti (titanium)Tl (thallium)Zn (zinc)

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