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The DNA sampling kit is used to perform any type of genetic test performed by MyADNlab.

The kit does not include the cost of the test. When you send us the samples, you will have to pay the cost of the test.

The kit includes the necessary material for taking saliva samples from 2 individuals. You can choose to add additional participants. Make sure you record correct address and details.

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1. Buy the Kit
2. Receive the kit and proceed to sample collection
3. Send the samples and proceed to the payment of the requested test
4. Receive the report in 5 days

Kit Contents

A sheet with instructions for taking samples.

An application form, to be completed by the applicant; on the reverse side are indicated the Conditions of Sale.

Two buccal swabs with sterile packaging, inside each of the colored envelopes identified for each of the test participants.

A white envelope for the return of the Kit (to be used to send the biological samples and the application form).