Pruebas de ADN Judiciales y Civiles. Válidas para informes

Analysis reports to be used in court or for other official bodies must comply with certain formal requirements where, among others, they must assure the identification of the person to which the analysed samples belong. To this end, this link must be protected through the chain of custody since the moment the sample is taken until the validation and issuance of the end report.

We have specific policies in place to take samples, with the rigorous identification of the participants, transport and custody of them, traceable to the moment of their analysis. This way, we can assure the origin of each sample analysed, and are therefore able to ratify our reports as judicial experts, when required to do so by the court.

Our professionalism has resulted in our reports being useful to clients in the defence of their cases regarding contradictory analysis.

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We have a NETWORK OF ACCREDITED CENTRES all over Spain to perform the taking of samples with the establishment of a chain of custody with judicial validity, supervised by our JUDICIAL EXPERTS.