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The DNA maternity test, in a similar way to the paternity test, enables us to find out who the biological mother of the child with TOTAL reliability.

We inherit half of genetic material (DNA) from our mother and the other half from our father. This enables us to know who our parents are, with no doubt whatsoever.

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The maternity test that MyADNLab offers can be used and is valid to prove the mother-child relationship in cases as frequent as:

  • Family Reunification. – Cases related to immigration, that need to determine relationships when reuniting mothers with their children as dictated by the Family Reunification Law in Spain.
  • Adoptions. – Biological mothers with adopted children. It is a fundamental way of certification.
  • Identification of newborns. – Possible confusion among newborns in hospital.
  • Fertility treatments such as implanted embryo identification. – Mothers who, after having undergone some fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilization, want to ensure that the implanted embryo is theirs.
  • Surrogacy. – Cases derived from the performance of surrogacy in a foreign country.

VERY IMPORTANT: Currently the Neodiagnostica SL ( processes the official maternity reports (embassies and consulates) to carry out family reunification.

These genetic maternity tests can be carried out with legal value or informative. For a maternity test to have legal value, it is essential that the chain of custody of the genetic material is carried out in the appropriate way and supervised by a certified DNA laboratory. Only in this way will it be accepted as a proof.

In case that a maternity test is only needed for information purposes, it can be done completely anonymously and 100% confidentially.

In a maternity genetic test has an initial price of € 199 but this price may vary depending on the number of profiles to be analyzed and whether or not it must have legal value

Depending on your configuration, prices may vary:

  • If another individual is added to the maternity test to validate their relationship, the price of the maternity test is € 299
  • If you want to take the DNA sample to carry out the test in a laboratory accredited by Myandlab in your area instead of sending the sample online, the price of the maternity test is € 309
  • If the maternity test is needed for any legal procedure, it must be done in one of the laboratories accredited by Myadnlab, in addition to adding the test with legal value in our price selector. This gives us a price for this legally valid maternity test of € 419