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The Canine Filiation test is equivalent to a paternity test for dogs. This analysis certifies if a dog is the offspring of a biological father / mother, being the only test that really guarantees the ancestry of the dog. This technique allows us to genetically demonstrate the pedigree. The test includes the analysis of 3 animals (father and mother with a descendant).

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An individual has two copies (alleles) for each marker. One of the alleles is inherited from the biological mother and the other from the biological father. In this case, the DNA profile of each of the offspring is compared to the DNA profile of the biological parents.

For each marker, one of the two alleles of the individual must coincide with one of the two alleles of the mother and the other with one of the alleles of the father. In other words, the father contributes 50% of the son’s genetic inheritance, while the mother does the same.

In case of a negative result (exclusion), the certainty is absolute. While, in the positive cases, the reliability can be higher than 99.999%.

The reliability of the test is related to the number of markers analyzed, that is, the greater the number of STRs analyzed, the reliability of the test increases.

It is a non-invasive and painless test, so the reference sample we are working with is the oral swab, that is, a smear must be performed on the inside of the pet’s mouth. Still we can work with other samples such as blood stains, ear wax, among others.

An informative brochure on how to take the samples.

An application form, to be completed by the applicant.

Two brown envelopes with two oral swabs in each envelope.

A white envelope for return.

Yes, our laboratory has implemented the analysis of the 23 STRs markers recommended by ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) and the results are internationally recognized.

The DNA extract obtained from the samples received in MyADNLab is kept for 2 years. Furthermore, to have the highest quality in our results, MyADNLab adds the analyzed profiles to its own database in order to implement canine population studies.

You can cancel your data at any time. Once you decide that you want to cancel your data from our database, you can send an email to attaching a copy of your ID and a document signed by you where you inform us.