Neodiagnostica S.L. It is a biotechnology company with more than 10 years of experience. It is part of a large business group formed by international firms as prominent as FlashLab or Novovitae.


Neodiagnostica S.L. It is formed by an interdisciplinary group of biologists, biochemists and legal experts with extensive experience in DNA analysis. Our experts are enrolled in the courts and are members of several international associations of forensic genetics.

The demand and orderliness of Neodiagnostica S.L. It has meant the highest level of state recognition. Neodiagnostica S.L. along with other Spanish, such as the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Civil Guard and the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science, part of the Spanish reference in any analysis of genetic (DNA) official organizations.

Our techniques and results are accredited under the rules of ISO 17025 quality certified by ENAC. Our judicial protocol allows our reports are accepted in any judicial organ of the state.

We have two main areas of work: DNA analysis and analysis of toxic drugs and.

In our company we follow strict standards of information security under the legal framework of data protection law, which guarantees total confidentiality of samples and results. We have our own laboratory related facilities and equipment. No subcontract any forensic analysis to other laboratories genetics.

We have a wide network of accredited laboratories throughout the country to perform biological sampling.