Paternity Test

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The DNA Paternity test allows to know with total reliability who is the biological father of a child.

Every individual inherits half of their genetic material (DNA) from their mother and the other half from their father. This lets us know, thanks to the DNA examination, through a simple paternity test, who are our parents without doubt

Our Paternity Test includes 2 genetic profiles, of the alleged parent and one child. To increase the reliability, you can include additionally the mother’s genetic profile.

The standard test includes:

– Father and son
– Home kit
– Buccal swab
– Report from 2 to 5 days
– Reception of the result by email

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A paternity test allows you to know with complete reliability who is the biological father of a child.

Every individual inherits half of their genetic material (DNA) from their mother and half from their father. This allows us to know, thanks to the DNA test, through a simple paternity test, without a doubt, who our parents are.

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About this analysis

The DNA paternity test compares the genetic profiles of the alleged father and the child. These genetic profiles represent the study of different DNA fragments, called STR’s, whose characteristics and combinations are unique for each individual.

In each of the DNA fragments subject to analysis, a genetic part inherited from the biological father (paternal allele) and another from the biological mother (maternal allele) is observed. Each individual inherits an allele from each parent, so that their comparison allows us to know, with full reliability, if the supposed father that we are analyzing is really the biological father.

After the comparison, our team carries out a statistical study based on complex calculations of allelic frequencies. This study allows us to conclude our research with values ​​greater than 99.999% of reliability thanks to the increase from 16 to 23 STR’s analyzed.

At MyAdnLab, the price of a paternity test is currently 179€, now 159€! In this price we include:

  1. 2 Genetic profiles: possible father and possible son
  2. Home delivery of the sample kit
  3. Results of the test without judicial validity

From here, the prices of a paternity test can vary depending on the needs, being the base price of a paternity test 189€ up to taking into account other variables:

  • Number of genetic profiles to be analyzed.- Usually, the number of genetic profiles to be analyzed is two, the of the possible father and the possible son, but sometimes to further verify the test, a third profile is also requested, that of the child’s mother. In the paternity test that includes a third profile, is priced at 259€.
  • Place of collection of the DNA sample.- Currently the most convenient thing is that we send our DNA collection kit to your home, but sometimes, it is desired that this collection is carried out in an accredited center (usually for tests that require legal results).
  • Legal validity of the paternity test.- In case that the results of the paternity tests have to be presented in a judicial process, it must be expressly requested. In this case, it will be necessary that the sampling is carried out in a specialized center and that the participants are identified. All this increases the price to 470€.

At, our process to obtain the results of a paternity test takes between 5 to 7 business days from the reception of the DNA samples in our laboratories.

After that time, we communicate the test results, of course, with complete confidentiality and discretion.



Sometimes people who request our services tend to think that the sampling procedure is complicated and that it has to be carried out in a laboratory or center and this is far from reality. Sampling is very simple and can be done at home with complete calm, at the time you want and without any hassle. So you can see, here there is a video on how you should take these samples with our kit:


With part the Neodiagnostica group, you are trusting the leading laboratory in Spain in DNA tests both at a private and professional level. We are a referent and proof of this are the public institutions with which we work, embassies and professionals, who have allowed us to create a name in the sector and proof of this is the media interviews that they request us when there are important and media cases, such as For example, it is in Paco Lobaton’s TVE program:

We also carry out paternity tests with legal value (to be accepted, they must always be performed in an accredited center). To purchase it follow this link.