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Once detected stains (blood or sperm) that may be key to the resolution of an investigation, we need to know its nature, since according to the type of sample, a process of analysis will be conducted and another.

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Once we detect stains that could be key elements in solving an investigation, we need to learn more about their nature, because the analysis to be carried out will depend on the typology of the sample.


A red stain need not be blood. These stains could be tomato, cherry, dyes, etc. There are several tests that can help us ascertain the true nature of the stain and tell us whether it belongs to human blood, which is what interests us in forensic investigations.


In the event of alleged sexual assaults, or infidelity, it is interesting to determine whether a stain found in male or female undergarments, or on any other element, is actually semen.
In our laboratory, we analyse the presence of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), an intercell glycoprotein synthesised by the male prostate gland and present in seminal plasma. This protein is used in forensic medicine as a selection marker to detect sexual assaults, even when committed by men subject to vasectomy.