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NutriFit is the genetic test that gives you a personalized nutritional plan and healthy lifestyle advice, based on your predispositions and specific genetic needs.

The report is based on scientific findings in nutrigenetics and is formulated in order to be your personal guide based on your genes that will help you achieve a healthier and more active life. NutriFit will allow you to achieve great results from small changes.

Delivery of the results report in 3 weeks

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About this analysis

NutriFit is made up of 35 analyzes distributed among these topics:

The way to your ideal weight: In this section you will learn how your genetics can influence the development of overweight and how your body responds to different types of fats and carbohydrates. At the end, we will recommend the diet that suits you best taking into consideration your genetic makeup.

How much your genes influence your metabolism and health: You will discover how your genes determine LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, triglycerides and blood sugar. In case of presenting unfavorable genes, it is very important to adjust the diet appropriately to achieve better health.

– What vitamins and minerals does your body need? Your genetic code determines the levels of B vitamins, vitamin D, and minerals like iron and potassium. In addition, you will learn how sensitive you are to salt and how your bone density is determined by genes.

Important influences on your eating habits: Skipping meals, eating too many sweets, eating too large servings and sweetening food excessively are common habits that may have their origin in our genetics.

Your metabolism efficiency: With the help of specific enzymes, our body processes lactose, caffeine, alcohol and gluten. When one of these enzymes does not work properly, it can cause health problems. In this section you will discover how your body’s response to these substances is and we will give you the appropriate recommendations.

Your genes, detoxification and antioxidants: Harmful substances enter our body daily so we have specific enzymes to detoxify our body. Find out if your body does an effective detoxification and how you can adapt your diet accordingly.

Sports in harmony with your genes: Our genetic makeup determines which type of training is the best for us. We will indicate the sports activities that are best for you based on your muscular structure.

Genetically determined addictions and aging: Some habits that we have in our day to day can affect us differently according to our genetic code. In this section you will discover your susceptibility to alcohol and nicotine addiction. We will also analyze your biological aging compared to the population average and give you the appropriate recommendations to improve your quality of life.

NutriFit includes easy-to-understand interpretations, so no specific knowledge is required. All necessary interpretations are explained in each analysis. NutriFit results can be shared with your doctor, personal trainer or nutritionist to adjust your diet and / or training to achieve better results.

When you purchase the NutriFit test, you receive a DNA kit containing the sample collector and instructions. Just take the buccal swab out of the tube and rub it on the inside of your cheeks for 30 seconds. After that, once finished, store the swab back in the tube and send it to the laboratory.

NutriFit’s results report is very comprehensive, including in each analysis a detailed explanation of the genes analyzed, the resulting genotype and personalized recommendations on how to improve nutrition, lifestyle and sports. All the information is structured in a simple and easy to follow way. NutriFit recommendations are prepared by a team of experts, and are tailored to each person based on the genetic code. NutriFit offers much more value than other solutions on the market because it is based on personalized recommendations and not on general guidelines. Nutrition tables are included on the last pages to help you build a healthy diet with calories from each food, nutrients, vitamins…

Click here to download an example of the report