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Doubts between siblings – regardless of sex – who are supposed to share mother

DNA tests by studying the mitochondrial DNA enables conducting studies between brothers and sisters and clarify any doubts regarding their maternal origin. Mitochondrial DNA studies can be carried out regardless of the sex of the participants.

The price of the maternal brotherhood test (mitochondrial) includes two people (1 brother / sister + 1 brother / sister).

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About this analysis

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother, that is, regardless of the sex of different siblings of a family. They all have the same mitochondrial DNA, which is also the same one as the mother. This technique informs us of whether the participants belong to the same maternal lineage.

So, for example, we can determine whether the participants have the same mother or grandmother.

The biological samples that can be used are the same as those used in other DNA tests, with the following special characteristic: The DNA contained in mitochondria is more stable than that found in cell nuclei and there are several tens of mitochondria in each cell, whereas there is only one nucleus.

In cases where the biological samples are degraded (forensic samples), this technique permits conducting a genetic identification test. Our team of DNA experts can use this technique as and when required.