Pruebas de ADN en Gestación Subrogada

A DNA test in surrogacy is a necessary requirement for processing paperwork related to a newborn in Spanish embassies and consulates all over the world.

Neodiagnostica, S.L. is certified with all the official accreditations to ensure that legally issued paternity and/or maternity tests are accepted at any Spanish embassy or consulate all over the world.

We define surrogacy as the carrying of pregnancy for intended parents. The pregnancy results from the transfer of another woman’s embryo created by in vitro fertilisation. In these cases, the surrogate mother does not pass genetic material to the embryo. This is something that must be verified in Spanish institutions.

Neodiagnostica, S.L. currently issues official paternity and maternity reports (for embassies and consulates) for the legal paperwork for surrogacy arrangements.

Gestation Surrogate: DNA Testing for Legal Processes at Embassies