The main distinctive features between judicial and informative evidence DO NOT LIE in the analytical process of the samples, but in their MANAGEMENT.

A special protocol must be followed from the taking of samples until the delivery of the results, explained below.


It is an important part of the legal proceedings. Participants must attend the head laboratory, local branch or one of the laboratories of the recognised network, in person. Qualified health personnel must take the samples.
Each and every participant must perform the test with full freedom and at their own will; without coercion.
NOTE: To ensure impartiality in the gathering and identification of the samples, it is recommended a WITNESS be present during the entire process.


All the participants must be officially identified by a valid identity document.

MINORS: SPANISH ID, FOREIGNERS’ ID and PASSPORT (if possible), 2 passport-sized photographs and the family registry book stating their legal guardian (this is normally the mother or father).
NOTE: Original documents must be provided accompanied by the corresponding copy. We shall take care of making certified copies.


It is the fundamental element of legal proceedings. Custody of the samples and related documentation is established from the moment they are taken. This chain of custody never breaks. It is ensured that no unauthorised person may manipulate samples or documentation. The expert report issued guarantees that the results and conclusions have been reached based on the evidence provided by the participants.
NOTE: Our laboratory keeps the chain of custody for 10 years after the results report is issued. This way, elements of the dossier remain at the disposal of the court for any query, verification or counter analysis.


DNA is extracted from the samples. It is amplified and sequenced to obtain genetic profiles. The biological relationship between the participants can be established with these profiles. Unused DNA and samples of biological material shall remain in custody for 5 years.
NOTE: The chain of custody shall be secured and access shall be restricted to authorised personnel only during the entire analytical process.


Results and conclusions shall be presented in an expert report with validity before the CIVIL Administration or JUSTICE. The laboratory has responsibility for the conclusions, ratifying and attending the HEARINGS they are summoned to defend the results technically.
NOTE: The laboratory reserves the right to destroy samples, DNA and documents as deemed appropriate 5 years after, conserving a digital copy of the results report.