Read the terms and conditions applicable to the analysis of NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL. They may be a little different with reference to some analyzes, in these cases, the application form implies a proper analysis to their particular conditions.

These conditions apply to all orders in the laboratory.

1: Participants expressed about the effectiveness of the analysis today, and the show know and accept the economic cost of the requested analysis. The application of the analysis is done in writing. These tests can be informative or judicial authorization.

2: There are two types of tests according to their usefulness:
TEST INFORMATION. Participants expressed about the information needs of these DNA tests. The results and conclusions can not, at any time or circumstance be used as evidence in the administration of justice or the courts.

The legal test. Participants expressed about the possible legal implications of the results of these tests, whose results are binding on their identities.

3: In tests by mail. The applicant is responsible for obtaining the correct samples and is responsible for the consent of the participants. The customer is solely responsible for the legal and moral consequences of sampling.

4: In the tests information. The laboratory will conduct surveys on participants. Participants consent to the test. It will not require personal data and the responsibility for the implementation of the tests are borne by the applicant of them. The applicant is responsible for the approval of the participants.

5: In judicial tests. Participants give their consent and authorize NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL to proceed with the collection of samples. In the case of minors, authorization is made by the legal representative. This consent and authorization extends to accredited NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL to carry out biological sampling laboratories.

6: Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the economic cost of the analysis requested. These conditions are valid for 60 days from the date of filing of this form.

7: Data Analysis: The client agrees that the results of these analyzes are only and in no case the information can be used for lawful purposes.

8: In court trials: Participants expressed about the possible legal implications of the results of these tests, whose results are binding on their identities.

9: The samples will be identified nominally (with name) when the judicial diagnosis or clinical. By contrast, in the case of DNA testing for information purposes only categories father, mother, son or sample will be used; instead of full names.

10: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL will retain all information received and the results of the analysis under strict privacy controls; in any case, they are transmitted to unauthorized third parties.

11: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL complies with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, December 13 Data Protection. Personal information collected on this form and on the results of the analysis will be part of an automated file NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL property. The purpose of the file is only customer management, adjusting the limits and the rights of this law. NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL cancel the personal data from the database when they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were obtained. NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL shall not assign, in any case, the data to third parties without prior consent. The customer can, at any time and free to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the data obtained by writing to NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL, Av. Prat de la Riba, 57, 25004 Lleida.

12: after a month after the release of the earnings report will proceed to the destruction of biological samples received and the resulting DNA. The documentation received will be stored for a minimum period of 5 years; NEODIAGNOSTICA this period, SL reserves the right to partial or total destruction.
In the test of the court NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL remain in custody in its facilities, the documentation received, biological samples received, the results and the report for a period of 10 years. NEODIAGNOSTICA this period, SL reserves the right to partial or total destruction.

13: All requests must be made within one month from the publication of the report results after this period NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL will not accept the results of response.

14: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL undertakes to deliver the results of the parentage testing (paternity, maternity, fraternity) within a maximum period of two weeks, except for reasons not attributable to their own organizational delays reasons. Normally, obtaining results will be from 3 to 5 days after receipt of the samples.
Other possible genetic tests have different results specify in each application.

15: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL will carry out the analysis when full payment has been made.

16: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL is not responsible for the moral, psychological, ethical, personal or emotional condition that can cause the results of these tests.

17: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL reserves the right to send the genetic material of the participants (correctly coded by maintaining the anonymity of the samples) to another national laboratory or otherwise, for the sole purpose of confirming the final results.

18: The applicant may cancel the analysis provided in the application before the start of the analysis process. In this case, we will proceed to refund the amount paid, minus administrative costs incurred in processing the application.

19: NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL may reject or cancel any order without assuming any responsibility for it even after receiving the biological material to be analyzed. In this case NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL agrees to remove or return the material received and, in turn return all payments made at the time of the cancellation of the order; deducts the administrative costs incurred to date.

20: In case of dispute, both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Lleida (Spain).

21: By signing the application to the analysis participants understand and accept all the conditions contained therein, and allow NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL to use the biological material for DNA testing requested by molecular biology techniques.

22: All information on this site are property of NEODIAGNOSTICA, SL. Any text reproduction (or copy) or partial or complete, without the express consent of NEODIAGNOSTICA, images SL is prohibited. All information contained in this site are not