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The Canine Genetic Profile is the analysis of some regions of a dog’s genome, obtaining a unique combination for each of them. In the case of our laboratory, we analyze the 23 markers recommended by ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics). Through a biological sample obtained from the animal we can obtain the genetic profile. Genetic profiling is a complementary technique to the microchip, useful in cases of loss or theft where identification through the chip is not possible.

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About this analysis

Canine genotyping uses molecular biology techniques to obtain a unique “barcode” for each dog.

Due to the high variability of the analyzed DNA fragments, it’s impossible for two randomly selected individuals in a population to have the same combination of alleles for the 23 markers analyzed by MyDNALab.

The analyzed regions are non-coding areas of DNA, so it does not provide information about the appearance of the animal or possible diseases.

At the present time, many cities and towns are taking measures in order to stop the uncivil behavior of many citizens when collecting feces from public roads. In order to identify the dog and so the owner, the rulers order to genotype the dog population, creating a database. In this case, the canine genotyping performed by MyADNlab would be useful.

In addition, the dog’s physical chip in case of loss or theft can be eliminated. For this reason, the safest way to identify your pet in these cases is through the genetic profile.

An informative brochure on how to take the samples.

An application form, to be completed by the applicant.

Two oral swabs in a brown envelope.

A white envelope for return.

In the report, which you will receive via email, you will find the genotype of your dog. This 23-STRS “bio-DNI” is unique to your dog.

It is a non-invasive and painless test, so the reference sample we are working with is the oral swab, that is, a smear must be performed on the inside of the pet’s mouth. Still we can work with other samples such as blood stains, ear wax, among others.

Yes, our laboratory has implemented the analysis of the 23 STRs markers recommended by ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) and the results are internationally recognized.

DNA doesn’t change throughout the dog’s life so there is no need to repeat the analysis. The Canine Genetic Profile will be valid throughout the dog’s life.

The properties of DNA allow us to obtain a genetic profile through any cell of the dog. Furthermore, DNA keeps constant throughout the life of the pet, regardless of the animal’s age.

In the case of the chip, as it is a physical element, it can be extracted, making the identification not possible. It should also be taken into consideration that the chip identification number is unique depending on the region. So, if you are in another community, your dog can’t be identified.

The DNA extract obtained from the samples received in MyADNLab is kept for 2 years. Furthermore, to have the highest quality in our results, MyADNLab adds the analyzed profiles to its own database in order to implement canine population studies.

You can cancel your data at any time. Once you decide that you want to cancel your data from our database, you can send an email to attaching a copy of your ID and a document signed by you where you inform us.