Previous specifications:

– All documents must be in order and must be submitted original + signed photocopy.
– The kit contains an APPLICATION FORM that must be filled in, BROWN ENVELOPES to store the samples, ORAL SWABS to make the smear and a RETURN ENVELOPE to return the Kit to the laboratory.

1.- Fill in the application form

Fill in the requested data in the application form, indicating how you want to receive the results and the form of payment. Do not forget to put the date, place and sign the form.

Do not eat or drink anything at least 30 minutes before of obtaining the sample of the buccal mucosa. Rinse the mouth with water before obtaining the sample.

2.- Rinse the swabs

For each individual participating in the test there are two ORAL SWABS of cotton that will be used to collect the DNA sample. The swabs are in a plastic sleeve that SHOULD BE TUGGED after removing the swab.

With gloves remove a swab from its holster. Do not touch the end of the cotton with your hands. Insert it into the mouth and rub the inside of the cheek firmly, about 20-30 times. With the same swab rub, about 20-30 times the inside of the other cheek. Make sure you rub each of the internal parts of the cheek well. Repeat the process with the other swab. Rub both cheeks with each swab.

3.- Put the swabs in each envelope

After each oral swab, insert the swab into the envelope. When the two swabs are inside the envelope, close it.

Do not start collecting the samples of another individual without having closed the envelope with the first samples.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the remaining individuals to be analyzed with their corresponding swabs.

4.- Fill in the requested information in the envelope

Fill in the requested information in the envelope: category, name of the participant, date and signatures of the participant and the person who samples; Being obligatory only to indicate the category.

Additionally and without obligation can be placed the seal of the laboratory.

5.- Insert everything in a white envelope

All brown envelopes with the samples and the application form must be entered in the WHITE ENVELOPE transport. Close the envelope tightly.

This envelope is marked with the shipping address of the kit. You can send it by registered mail, by a courier service or delivered in person in the laboratory.

6.- About transport

Enter in the TRANSPORTATION ENVELOPE, the application form, the sample envelopes and in certain cases the payment receipt of the analyzes.

The transport envelope has written the address of the laboratory for shipment.

In the case of accredited laboratories, you should call NEODIAGNOSTICA (+34 973-834-070) to request collection by a courier service.

In the case of individuals, at their charge that the transport envelope is sent through the service of courier or an urgent courier.