Pruebas ADN para un juicio

After concluding a judicial investigation, the results and conclusions must be submitted in a certain order and structure. Data collected in this format are known as EXPERT REPORTS and are valid before the CIVIL Administration or JUSTICE SYSTEM.

An expert report must contain the most relevant information and present the most sensitive facts pertaining to the case, as this will be the basis of the verdict passed by the official body. Therefore, it must be written up with full knowledge of the matters contained in it.

Neodiagnostica, S.L puts at your disposal all the technical knowledge of our team and over 10 years’ experience in court. Only by using specialists can you ensure proper preparation and defence of these expert reports.

Expert reports have legal implications and as a result, Neodiagnostica, S.L. will assume responsibility for the conclusions, ratifying and attending the HEARINGS they are summoned to defend the results technically.

Speak to one of our specialists and we will prepare a detailed quote.

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